22 Best Kitchen Pot Rack Ideas

  • By: Monica Shulz

Not being able to close your cabinets because of overflowing pots and pans can be stressful and straight-up annoying. But that can all be changed with these kitchen pot rack ideas. That’s right, say goodbye to your cluttered, messy kitchen cabinets and install a pot rack that not only organizes your pots but adds an element of art to your kitchen.

Worried you’ll have to spend too much time and money on your new pot rack? Don’t be, with these ideas, you can find a pot rack that’s affordable, easy to install, and low maintenance. See, you don’t have any excuse for having your pots and pans all over the kitchen. Simply choose an idea that works for your pocket, kitchen, and you.

Kitchen Pot Rack Ideas

  • Hanging Pot Racks
  • Wall-mounted Pot Racks
  • Free Standing Pot Racks

Hanging Pot Racks

When searching the internet for kitchen pot rack ideas, you will see that hanging racks are shelf-like structures suspended from the kitchen ceiling. These pot racks are the most popular. But why? Well, hanging racks are versatile and can be made with a variety of different materials. This includes steel, copper, and metal just to name a few. Hanging pot racks also come in a variety of different styles. Let’s take a look at a few:

Cast Iron Hanging Pot Rack

Image Credit: Amazon.com

Looking for something that won’t come falling down on you while cooking? Then a cast iron pot rack is exactly what you need. This material is both durable and reliable so you can hang up your big pots that take up all your cabinet space.

Aluminum Hanging Pot Rack

Image Credit: wayfair.com

If you are in a bit of a pinch for money but would still like a hanging pot rack, then an aluminum pot rack is your best bet. You’ll be able to get your hanging pot rack without spending thousands to get it. Now it is important to remember that aluminum is not as strong as cast iron or steel so you will only be able to use it to hang your lighter pots.

Copper Hanging Pot Rack

Image Credit: Themetalpeddler.com

Many of your pots and pans are made of copper so you know it is reliable. So why not stick to what you know? Yes, you read that right.  You can use a copper hanging pot rack. All you will need is a copper rod or frame connected with hooks and hang your pot from it. When shopping around for your copper rod, keep in mind that copper is easily damaged so you will need to be careful when attaching your hooks and pots.

Wood Pot Rack

Image Credit: littleyellowwheelbarrow.com

A wooden hanging pot rack might sound tacky or cheap but it’s actually far from it. This pot rack will fit in naturally with your already wooden kitchen. The great thing about wooden hanging pot racks is that there is a variety of different types of wood that you can use, so finding one that matches your decor should be easy.

Undercabinet PotRack

Image Credit: FamilyHandyman.com

You may not be able to drill into your kitchen ceiling for whatever reason but you still want to be able to enjoy the benefits of having a hanging pot rack. This is where an undercabinet hanging pot rack comes in. All you have to do is install a secure rod into your cabinet, attach hooks to it and hang your pots from the hooks. You are able to get the organization you need and the look you want.

Grid Pot Rack

Image Credit: desertcart.com

The entire point of a hanging pot rack is to give you more space. With a grid pot rack, you can easily move your pots around to make space for more pots or to simply space your pots out. All you need for this idea is a couple of S hooks. The hooks allow you to easily move your pots and pans closer or further apart.

Mini Pot Rack


Being limited on space doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having a beautiful hanging pot rack as your kitchen centerpiece. You can have a mini hanging rack. Even though it may be smaller and you may only hang lighter, smaller pots from it, a mini hanging pot rack still allows you to organize your kitchen space.

Reclaimed Wood Pot  Rack

Image Credit: JoyAllenDesigns via Etsy

Much like a wooden hanging pot rack, reclaimed wooden pot racks are also made from wood. Now you might be wondering what the differences are between the two. Reclaimed wood is a piece of wood that you already have. It could be an old cabinet that you want to throw out or even an old desk. Instead of throwing it out, you can turn it into your new hanging pot rack. Be sure to check that the wood you use is durable before installing it.

Vertical Pot Rack

Image Credit: ikeahackers.net

Now if you are looking for a pot rack that serves as a rack for your pots and a unique element to your kitchen, a vertical hanging pot rack will do the trick. You will need a pole to support the brackets and hooks. Once completed you will have a cool vertical shelf to hang your pots, pans, and utensils.

Ladder Pot Rack

Image Credit: foodnetwork.com

Add a rustic element to your kitchen with a hanging ladder pot rack. Much like the name suggests, this pot rack looks similar to a ladder. With its rustic look, this new edition is sure to be both useful and visually pleasing.

Round Pot Rack

Image Credit: overstock.com

A round hanging pot rack is simply a beautiful art-like rack that allows you to organize your pots and pans without taking up too much space. This is especially useful if you have a small kitchen but would still like to add a hanging element to it.

Steel Pot Rack

Image Credit: Amazon.com

Steel is a type of metal that has been tried and tested so you know it’s reliable and will ultimately last you a few years. With that being said, you should consider steel hanging pot racks.  You can use steel rods, suspended from your ceiling with metal rods or chains (depending on the look you are going for) and simply add hooks to it and having your pots hanging from there.

Shelf Pot Rack

Image Credit: hickoryst.wordpress.com

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you could always do with more space. Adding shelves is a great idea for optimizing the space you have and it serves for great organization. Hanging pot shelves can serve as a storage space for the smaller pots, while the bigger pots and pans hang from metal hooks connected to the shelf.

Oval Pot Rack

Image Credit: enclume.com

You might have seen hundreds of oval hanging pot racks. This is because its shape fits perfectly over any kitchen island. You will see that an oval hanging pot rack is especially beautiful in a larger kitchen.

Half Circle Pot Rack

Image Credit: kitchensource.com

Alternatively, if you want a hanging pot rack but don’t have enough space, you could opt for a half-circle pot rack. Now, this rack might not be able to hold much but it can hold a few smaller pots and to make things better, half-circle pot racks are versatile. Giving you the option of hanging it from your ceiling or mounting it to your wall.


Wall-mounted Pot Rack

Wall-mounted pot racks aim to save you space in the kitchen. This pot rack hangs from your kitchen wall. When doing your research, you will notice that mounted pot racks are mostly horizontal and look more simple. Wall-mounted pot racks can also be created with many different materials.

Straight bar Pot Rack

Image Credit: Dinh Ng

A straight bar pot rack is simple and by far the most cost-effective pot rack available. This rack is a single bar with hooks attached so your pots can hang from it. All you need is a straight-cut piece of wood, wall space, nails and screws, and a few hooks. This rack might seem plain but it does what you need and you can even install it yourself.

Pegboard Pot Rack

Image Credit: TheBrannans

With limited space, a pegboard pot rack is worth considering. The great thing about a pegboard is that it is easy to use and can be customized to fit your pots and pans regardless of the size. You simply need to add or remove the pegs and hooks to organize them to fit the way you want them.

Stationary Hook Pot Rack

Image Credit: Desertcart

A stationary hook pot rack idea is simple yet practical. All you need for this idea is a durable piece of wood and a few hooks. That’s right, it is as simple as that. Stationary hooks pot rack work best if you have some free space on your kitchen wall and you don’t mind drilling permanent holes into it.

Tiered Mounted Pot Rack

Image Credit: Overstock.com

Tiered mounted pot racks are great for storage and are visually appealing. With a tiered rack, you can organize your pots and pans according to their different lengths. To get the full effect of this rack, you need to have a large kitchen because, with a small kitchen, this can just be overwhelming.

Free-standing Pot Racks

Image Credit: indiamart.com

Much like the name implies, free-standing pot racks are not connected to anything. These pot racks aren’t mounted to anything or hanging from anything, instead, it stands on its own. You can find these types of pot racks in a variety of styles and looks that you can use in your kitchen. A great thing about free-standing pot racks is that they can easily be moved around.

Plastic Pot Rack

Image Credit: looksgud.in

Plastic pot racks aren’t the fanciest pot racks but they get the job done. Unlike other materials, plastic is much lighter meaning it can be moved around. Keep in mind, while shopping around for plastic pot racks, you will see that there is a variety to choose from. You should however make sure to fully inspect it for cracks, and flaws.

Bookshelf Pot Rack

Image Credit: uline.com

Much like the name implies, a bookshelf pot rack does indeed look like a bookshelf. It stands on its own and has shelves dividing it into sections. You can get this pot rack in many different sizes. If your pots and pans aren’t enough to fill up each self, you could add baskets to it and add in your cooking utensils. Some bookshelf pot racks even come with wheels attached, so you don’t have to remove your pots and pans when you want to move the rack around.


Before today, you probably never gave kitchen pot rack ideas much thought and that’s why you’ve had to live with cabinet doors that won’t close. But that all changes today. Kitchen pot racks can be found at a variety of different stores. This includes hardware stores and interior decoring stores. If you are looking to go with a pot rack that needs to be installed by a professional like a hanging pot rack, do some online browsing first. This way you will be able to get reviews on different types of pot racks and you could even ask the opinions of the professionals themselves.

Regardless of the style or how much space you have, these kitchen pot rack ideas leave no room for any excuses or overflowing kitchen cabinets. If you are working with a tight budget, consider getting a freestanding pot rack or even a straight bar pot rack. Both of which will save you money but keep your pots and pans organized.

Looking for something more flashy or unique? Remember the oval hanging pot rack is the most popular and not just because it fits perfectly over a kitchen island. You could also consider a round pot rack. Now that’s flashy, unique, and effective. With these kitchen pot rack ideas, your options are endless.