Is Remodeling a Kitchen Worth It?

  • By: Monica Shulz

The kitchen is one of the essential parts of a house. It is a place where all the delicious food you devour is prepared. For women, it is part of the house where they spend a significant amount of their day.


Summary On Kitchen Remodelling Budget:


  • Investing around $22,500 on kitchen remodeling, can recoup almost 80% of the cost if you do it smartly.


  • The cost of kitchen remodelling varies from $100 to $200 per sq foot which makes an average expenditure of $20,000 or slightly more.


If you are really interested in kitchen renovation, then we suggest you follow the above strategy and see the wonders it can do for your home.

Return on Investment Tips From Homeadvisor on how to Spend $20.000 on Kitchen Renovation When Selling the House:

the chart explains to the user the different cost with a kitchen renovation spread over such as; plumbing, hardware cost, installation cost, flooring cost, and more.


Do You Want To Sell Your House?

The kitchen is one of the factors that profoundly affect property listing prices. The houses with aesthetic, well kept, and maintained kitchens sell quicker and return a reasonable price. And house owners often wonder about how much does a kitchen remodel increase home value.

The answer to the above question varies depending upon if you go for a medium-sized remodelling or a complete one. For instance, according to the National Association of Realtors, spending around $35,000 on kitchen renovation has an ROI of 57%. While spending more, let’s say, $65,000 can get you $40,000 back.


Therefore, if you are someone who wants to sell the house, it is natural to remodel the home to cross your mind. But before you go ahead with it, consider the return on investment as well. If the overall house is unkempt and needs repairs, but choose to remodel the kitchen only, this would surely not help you sell the house for the price you want.


This is further backed by Dave Ramsey, as he says that kitchen remodeling has an ROI of 54%.


Maintaining The Style Connection Between The House And The Kitchen:

Interior designers have often reported that they enter a house and, to their utmost astonishment, find a house with a vintage vibe yet a modern and utterly different kitchen design. The reason, remodel ideas were considered without considering the overall look and style theme of the house.


In this case, the kitchen may look perfect, but since it does not go with the overall theme of the house, it is evident that the decision to remodel the kitchen was surely not worthwhile.


Do You Have The Funds?

There are no reasons to skip and remove the idea of kitchen remodeling from your mind. But before you go ahead with the plan, you need to make use of a cost estimator and consider the total expense that will be incurred on the remodeling.
There are plenty of kitchen remodeling ideas on the web, and it is natural for one to get lost in the sea of possibilities. During this scenario, people often select equipment and tools that add up to expense that is way more than their budget. We recommend that you visit kitchen renovation to get amazing deals.


Using your funds right is important. Moreover, never compromise on the quality of the components. There will be no use of your kitchen remodeling if you replace old suitable quality cabinets with poor quality ones.


You would have made an inferior choice, and the trade-off would be a loss as there would be no use of you remodeling the kitchen if the old one were of better quality than the new one.

Getting Things You Don’t Need:

We often come across modern kitchens in advertisements, videos, and pictures. Inspired by these kitchens, people who want to remodel their kitchens often spend more than they eventually planned to.

This is a poor decision not only in terms of wastage of money but also because inspired by these high-class kitchens; people often end up getting appliances and tools they don’t even need. What is the point of investing in expensive goods and items that you won’t be using? Think to yourself, will the decision to remodel the kitchen be worth it in this case?


Here’s an example: Steinkoler burgin, an expert in the field says that while installing cabinets, use plywood as the material for the cabinets and sides as it will save your cost.

Will Remodeling Impact The Functionality Of The Kitchen:

When remodeling a kitchen, the goal should be to enhance the functionality of the kitchen. A kitchen is a place where the goal should be to improve the design and structure to make the kitchen more functional.


If you don’t think the kitchen remodeling ideas through and end up with a design or ambiance that looks great, you feel as if you have entered a television set when you enter your remodeled kitchen. But working in the kitchen is an absolute nightmare. In a nutshell, the kitchen remodeling plans that make the kitchens aesthetic and appealing but ruining the functionality are not worth considering or investing.

Playing Safe:

Many people are afraid of kitchen remodeling. Therefore, they set a fixed standard and have specific “safe” ideas in their mind. The safe ideas are not bad, but in reality, the kitchen remodeling plan can be changed to increase the functionality of the kitchen and make it look good at the same time, only if they agree to let go of their safety plans.


Kitchen remodeling can be fun and creative. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to experiment. Change the entire outlook of the kitchen, invest in things you never thought you would be buying for your kitchen. Be patient and feel free to let go of your comfort zone.


But all of this should be done with due consideration and proper thinking. You might be surprised to love the result and scream at the top of your lungs “MY PLAN TO REMODEL THE KITCHEN WAS WORTH IT!”.



Remodeling a kitchen is a great way to bring life to any old house. Plus, it can impact the functionality of the kitchen as well. Before you go ahead and spend an enormous sum of money to remodel your kitchen, sit back, and wonder whether the investment and outcome would be worth it?