Water Damage in Houston, TX – The Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

  • By: Monica Shulz

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey not only continues to flood news reports throughout the country but it is also remaining to be a problem for Texas residents. Not only are homes and properties still flooded for many people but the weight of Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters sunk Houston by two centimeters. Cities are just pools of water and with claims for water damage in Houston soaring, many are in urgent need of help. The Government has heard the cries for help and is actively responding.

President Trump earlier this month struck a deal with Democratic leaders, behind the Republican party’s back, to increase the debt limit – lessening constraints on both the debt ceiling and limited spending measures for Hurricane Harvey relief. This gives promising hope for victims of the massive storm.

President Trump’s Newly Approved Aid Funding
With water damage Huston keeping people from their homes and resources dwindling, residents of TX are in desperate need of assistance. President Trump’s debt ceiling increase opened the opportunity for the House approval of a $7.9 billion package dedicated to recovery aid. The package has been divided into two main parts – $7.4 billion for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Disaster Relief Fund and an amount of $450,000 was given to the Small Business Administration’s disaster loan program.

President Trump’s generosity and concern branched outside of government reach and extended to his own personal finances. A collection of charities working to relieve and repair Harvey devastation received a donation of $1 million from President Trump. The largest amount of $300,000 was given to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Many people have praised the kindness of President Trump’s actions; however, some say that there has been a disservice.

Southeast Texas Still Needs Repair

Water damage in Houston has felt the compassion of President Trump’s funding and the helpful support of charities but well-known Texas environmentalist, Hilton Kelley, shares that Southeast Texas has received nothing more than photo ops. There seems to be no restoration advancement in the southeastern areas – homes are still inhabitable due to flooded grounds and there is much-needed mold removal.

Kelley is concerned that the full-swing of aid funding and President Trump’s message that parts of Texas are returning back-to-normal will unintentionally discourage help from arriving at his city – Port Arthur – and other areas struggling to gain normality back to their lives. On top of the concern of being forgotten, Kelley has explained that two heavy refineries will start back up and emit hazardous materials like carcinogen benzene; a common effect when refineries restart after going off-line. Adding insult to injury, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lowered its pollution standards for oil and gas industries needing to restart operations after Hurricane Harvey.

As time will tell if Port Arthur and other Texan areas will receive any help – from water extraction to food supplies – there are rumors that the extensive flooding could have been prevented had warnings in the past been adhered.

Warnings of the Past

Water damage Houston and other hurricane affected areas like Katy could possibly have been spared of flooding damages had the Harris County Flood Control District listened to development engineers in 1996. A report made by the engineers claimed flooding would happen around Addicks and Barker reservoirs if their proposal of a $400 million solution for building a huge underground conduit was not implemented.

Now 21 years later, skeptics are criticizing that water damage Houston and other problems resulted from Harvey could have been avoided – saving both homeowners and house insurance agencies the headache of the hurricane’s aftermath.

Water damage Houston,  Picture is taken by Texas Military Department


Whether true or not, the devastation unfortunately happened and charities and President Trump’s donation are doing the best they can to help. It is advised to seek additional support, if possible, to begin or complete restoration processes.

Actively Work for Normality

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