Check Out This Sexy Little GermGuardian AC4900CA Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

There’s a 99.97% chance your baby room and home already has mold & other hazardous airborne toxins


GermGuardian Technologies is the leader in air purifier products and the makers of one of the best single room air purifier on the market today.

This is especially true for baby and children.

One of my customers uses this unit in their baby bedroom.

Not long ago they had twins.

Both also have severe allergy problems.

Their doctor recommended that they get an air purification system to help.

He even wrote out a prescription for one (helps with the end of the year taxes.)

It is really important that the air we breathe is clean.

GermGuardian AC4900CA Review


Experts say that the air inside your home is dirtier than the air outside.

Indoor air quality in your child’s room will be the same quality in other rooms of your house which could be unhealthy for your child and cause bronchitis or worse asthma over time.

This is especially true if you or someone else smoke, pet dander can also trigger attacks as well.

The way to rid your home of contaminants and bring the air quality to a healthy level is to quit smoking and find new homes for your pets.

There is another solution (except for the quitting smoking part,) that is to install a good quality air purifier to the most important rooms in your home.

Including your baby room….

Scientific CADR Results

The CADR clean air delivery rating for this unit is 101 and can clean the air in the room size up to 750 square feet.

This rating depends on how much air is moving in the room.

It would be a safe bet if the baby room is 400 to 500 square feet which would make the best single room air cleaning system.

The Shocking Truth About Germ Guardian Electronics

The GermGuardian uses sensitive electronics that power the unit that allows it to function effectively.

As with all electronic device they acceptable to the power surge and other electrical disturbances such as electromagnetic interference, brownouts and other voltage disturbances that can cause your unit to malfunction or even cause a fire.


Power surges are the most common and the most destructive.

Surges are generally brief in nature faster than a blink of the human eye and can pack several thousand volts at a time.

IT doesn’t matter where you live in the world if your home is reliant on any power grid your home experiences power disturbances. Some more frequently than others.

In the United States….

Homes are powered in the form of 120 volts, which translates into a single phase alternating current.

Outlets inside the home are powered by 15Amp to 20Amp breaker or fuses.

The voltage from the power line to your home alternates in current from 0 when an outlet is not in use up to 169 volts.

The power is alternating current and not a static or constant 120 volts, as many believe.

During a power surge, the voltage exceeds 169 volts and unless stopped by a closed circuit can and will find its way to an outlet where your appliance is plugged in too.

The spike in voltage can cause a fan on the air purifier to malfunction and not run at optimal performance, hence the reason for loud or grinding fan noises.

The worse case is when a power surge finds its way to a circuit board and cause a wire to unsolder or partially unsolder forcing the wire to arc on the board which could cause a fire and is the reason for a burnet plastic smell in your unit.

The way you can protect your home and appliances from the hidden power surges in your home is using a very good surge protector on outlets that your air purifier is plugged into and particularly important in your baby room.

You may have several electronic devices such as a baby monitor.

In this instance….

It would be better to have a surge protector that on all your outlets in the room or a power surge protector that can run multiple appliances.


GermGuardian AC4900CA Pros

True HEPA filter with pet pure attracts and eliminates almost 100% of contaminants like dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens.

Charcoal filters reduce common odors that occur in the home.

Odor removing such as cooking fish smells, bad smoke odor, and pet smells.

Ultra Violet technology uses a titanium light similar to those installed in some ductwork installation to destroy airborne bacteria, viruses, germs and mold spores.

This unit standing 22 inches with a 3-speed cleaning system portable tower is best used for rooms up to 750 square feet.

The purifier has a CADR rating of 101 and can sit on a table or in the corner of a room.

This model sanitizer pushes more air through than most models of similar and cheap design and quality to clean your room from hazardous and dangerous toxins.

GermGuardian AC4900CA Cons

How to clean filter the carbon air filter cannot be cleaned with water and cleaners from your garage.

If you do clean it using water, expect it will fall to pieces when you try to remove it again.


You can clean the True HEPA filter.


I would only use canned air and an old toothbrush for both the charcoal and the HEPA filter.

For best results replace the filter when needed.

Stay within your warranty by using GermGuardian replacement parts only.

The fan may make a low buzzing noise instead of a smooth calming noise If this happens to return the air filtration unit to the manufacturer for a replacement.

The reason for this you’ll discover in the next con……

GermGuardian electronics seem to be very sensitive to power surges.

Like most electronics desktop computers, the old answering machines, and printers.

There really is nothing the manufacturer can do about power spikes and dips that destroy electronic circuits.

It is just a fact as we use more electronic gadgets in our home that we will see more power interferences destroy our appliances if you don’t protect them first.


Final Thoughts

After reviewing the GermGaurdian ac4100, ac4825, ac4300bptca  and the ac4900ca I am even more convinced that manufacture is definitely on the cutting edge of air purification products in this industry.

Cleaning almost 100% of airborne contaminants circulating through the 3 filters types, and eliminating most of the particulates and particles that cause lung damage.

Think about this, after dusting and the noonday sun comes shinning room from a window or door glass, and shines on an area that you just finished dusting reveals layers of more dust that you thought you just removed.

All you have to do is look at a sunbeam shining through reveal dust floating in the air and on furniture.

You’ll notice the difference in how the air in your room feels after turning on your air purifier for the very first time.

You can’t afford to not get this air purifier for the baby room. Just imagine what would happen if the air they breathe isn’t crisp and clean, and Imagine not having the necessary protection to keep every room of your home safe from dangerous power surges.

The GermGuardian AC 4900CA is the right choice for you and your family.