Fire Damage in Dallas: Steb by Step Guide On How Fire Insurance Work

  • By: Monica Shulz

Fire is a chemical combustion reaction. It is based on strongly exothermic “oxidation-reduction” phenomena that are manifested by a great release of light and heat.

A large fire is an uncontrolled being. Its effects are generally unwanted, causing personal injury from smoke, toxic gases and high temperatures, and material damage to facilities, manufactured products and buildings.

Part of our country has suffered the effects of fire damage in Dallas. It does not only to forest lands, which are being burned and whose reconstruction will take a long time, but also to property and people.

Eventually, it produces substantial impact. The examples are homes that have had to be left behind by people who have had to flee because of the fires. Soot damage and smoke damage are also substantial damage that sometimes, needs an insurance company for damage restoration service. In this case, we need to clarify: Who is responsible for the material damages suffered?

The Process of How Fire Occurs

Fire occurs when the following three factors exist simultaneously in time and space:

  • Fuel
  • Oxidizing particle, normally the oxygen of the air.
  • Heat, which provides the energy needed to activate the reaction.

The existence of chain reactions from those 3 elements generate flames. The chain reaction keeps going until it becomes what is called the tetrahedron of fire.

This type of fire can burn things quite fast that eventually, you will need fire damage restoration service. A good fire damage repair will not only recover the visible damage, but also perform odor removal.

What fire insurance does not cover

Damage caused by the action of heat without the ability to spread (such as heated iron) is not usually included in home insurance fire coverage.

As for the damages suffered by the objects considered of special value (jewels, cash, artistic objects, etc.) they are only covered if it has been previously agreed. Also, these objects are duly identified.

In cases where the fire is intentional, the doer is arrested. The culprit will have to responsible to all the damages caused by his actions. If he is a minor, his parents or those who are legally responsible for their custody will be responsible. This civil compensation may also be claimed in cases where the conduct does not constitute a crime, but negligence. In the event that the fire has been caused by nature, for example, by lightning, there will not be a person to claim.  Thus, the insurance will only cover the damage when the property is protected by their policy.

What Coverage are Included

Most of the fire damage insurance cover the following things:

Provisional accommodation

Some insurances include the cost of relocation for a certain time while searching for another home or making repairs to the damage caused by the fire.

Furniture transfer

If the house needs renovation, you may need to remove some of the furniture and other items. Some insurances also cover this, guaranteeing the transfer and its cost, as well as the expenses of returning them to the house.

Firefighters cost

If the fire is the result of a carelessness of the owner, the costs of extinguishing the fire could be borne by him. Many insurances cover the cost of firefighters, although not all cover 100%.

Damage from lightning strikes

Some policies also offer coverage for lightning strikes. In these cases, the insurer would take care of the damage in case the lightning causes a fire or causes damage to the electrical installation.

Housing reconstruction

After a fire, if the house has been completely destroyed, the owner can choose to collect the policy or rebuild the house. In the case of opting for reconstruction, the policies usually establish a maximum limit of assumed costs, although some offer 100%. This aspect will also include smoke damage restoration on it. In any case, this point must be reviewed in each policy.

Garden reconstruction

Many items in the garden can be affected by a fire. Some home insurance includes the reconstruction of the garden and its elements.

The Protection System for Prefire Condition

It is wise decision to protect your property even before fire occurs. For this matter, you can prepare the following items:

#1 Passive Protection

  • Structural Protection: It is designed to prevent the horizontal and vertical spread of fire. You can do this by constructing structures that hinder the passage of it as partitions, slabs, or expansion joints in the walls.
  • Fire resistance of materials: The use concrete and plaster conduct heat worse than other materials. Thus, it doesn’t get much effect from fire.
  • Apply Basic Building Standards: it is important to build a house according to the current legislation to avoid unwanted fire accident. For example, a house must have an enough space to another beside you. So that, whenever the fire spreads, it does not easily burn the neighborhood.

#2 Signaling

Fire signal is essential to detect the fire accident early. If you have a good fire signal, you will be able to fight against fire when it is not widely spread yet. 24/7 emergency services will also be able to reach the damaged area in no time.

#3 Extinction systems

A fire can be extinguished by removing one of the elements of the tetrahedron from the fire:

  • Cooling; by lowering the fire activation temperature.
  • Suffocation; by removing the oxidizer, mainly oxygen, which facilitates oxidation.
  • Fuel disposal; or subject susceptible to burning.
  • And any inhibition of the chemical reaction.

The main extinguishing systems are:

  • Water: when passing from liquid to steam it cools the environment and reduces the concentration of oxygen.
  • CO 2 and Foams: they act by lowering the oxygen concentration to a limit lower than the minimum necessary for combustion.
  • Halogenated extinguishing agents: they act by reducing the concentration of oxygen in the flame and attacking its chain reaction.
  • Chemical Powder: it works by interrupting the chain reaction of the flame. It is possible due to the effect of energy absorption and the elimination of OH radicals.

Final Thoughts

Just like water damage restoration, a recovery service for fire damage in Dallas is also essential service that a household may need urgently. Thus, knowing what damage covered by the insurance is essential to estimate the additional cost you should pay.