7 Of The Best Earplugs for Work

  • By: Monica Shulz

While many people turn to earplugs to help them find relief from a husband who has a pesky snore, others will need noise-blocking earbuds for work. Protecting your hearing while you work in an industrial setting or around a gun range is just as important as using an earplug while sleeping. Your hearing needs protection if you want it to last for the years ahead.[toc]

Headphones can be extremely bulky and cumbersome to carry around when you aren’t using them. That’s why many people prefer the more custom moulded feel of the best earplugs for work.

The fitting is key to feeling comfortable wearing these in a professional setting. You should search for alternative products that are reusable instead of the disposable orange memory foam varieties typically found in stores like Home Depot and Walmart.

If you’re ready to start protecting your hearing while shooting, at work, or studying, it’s time for you to see which of these quality earplugs is going to be the right fit for you.


Alegante Silicone Hearing Protection
Alegante Silicone Hearing Protection


This name brand is very similar to the popular Eargasms that shield your hearing in a wide variety of situations. Alegante designed their safety ear plugs to help keep out water while swimming, to protect shooters while at the range, and to allow musicians to better practice.

While they may not be totally soundproof, these waterproof silicone earplugs do have an excellent reduction rating.



  • Free shipping replacement or full refund guarantee
  • Small case for easy carrying
  • Can be used by kids or adults
  • Comfortable fitting to use while sleeping or working

Noise reduction: Up to 27 dB


InBound Vibes Earplugs for Hearing Protection
InBound Vibes Earplugs for Hearing Protection


If you still want to enjoy the acoustic sounds of your band but block out the drums that make your ears ring, these InBound Vibe earplugs are a good choice. They are made with a three-layer design that makes them ideal to help isolate certain sounds without robbing you of everything.


The in-ear design doesn’t expand or cause pain, which allows you to protect hearing without uncomfortable side effects.



  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic silicone construction
  • Full refund guarantee
  • Carrying case and bookmark
  • Bright green color


Noise reduction ratings: SNR of 27 d


Westone Defendear Digital Shooter Hearing Protection Ear Plugs
Shooter Hearing Protection Ear Plugs


Are you looking for the maximum NRR ratings, no matter the cost? These Westone earplugs are a pricey version that promises much greater protection than a cheap device like flimsy earphones. They are low profile with a universal fit and color-coded left/right earpieces.

These earpieces are specifically designed for shooters, making them ideal for soldiers or military personnel.

Because they are digital, they can suppress sound from the range but still allow you to carry on a conversation. They are good at distinguishing which high decibel sounds need to be suppressed, making them extremely beneficial aids in protecting your hearing.




  • Includes zip storage pouch and cleaning implements
  • Wind noise reduction
  • No size chart needed due to universal fit

NRR Ratings: 30 dB


Crioxen Professional Earplugs

(Not Available)

Minimize the impact that work can have on your hearing using these flare earplugs from Crioxen. In your bag, you receive two different types of ear blocker for a smart and high fidelity earplug. Having multiple styles at your disposal ensures that you can always enjoy the quiet and safety of earplugs without the major impact of high decibel sounds.


These are reusable and completely safe, as well as waterproof. These extra features all make them ideal candidates for one of the top options among the best earplugs for work.



  • Small tin to store and carry earplugs
  • Made of hypoallergenic silicone
  • Translucent color


NRR Ratings: 20 to 25 dB

Titan Tactical 29NRR Reusable Shooting Ear Plugs with Removable Noise Filter
Shooting Ear Plugs with Removable Noise Filter


For individuals who need a fit for normal to small ear canals (including a child), the Titan Tactical noise canceling earplugs may be the best earplugs for work. They have a filtered experience that allows for an extremely high NRR rating, but it can be altered. The filter can be removed to lessen the noise reduction.


This simple feature makes these earplugs ideal for reducing the impact of a loud alarm at work, the noise of a plane, or the shooting range. However, it still allows you a surefire way to communicate with your roommate or partner. You should be able to hear most normal conversation while wearing these devices.




  • Hypoallergenic medical grade silicone construction
  • Aluminum carrying case with key ring attachment
  • Bright orange color

Noise reduction rating: 29 dB

Morfuse Reusable Corded Silicone Ear Plugs
Corded Silicone Ear Plugs


You can muffle the sound of extraneous audio at work with these bulk earplugs. They aren’t wireless, but they are a great option for someone who prefers the bands between the plugs. You can find a lot of consumer reports on Amazon that these earplugs are comfortable for work, sleep, concerts, or a trip in an aircraft.


Better yet, these are very cost-effective and are reusable. They should fit right in the tunnels of your ears like putty. For just a few dollars, you should be able to make good use of these “sound erasers.”




  • 12 corded pairs and one portable pair with each purchase
  • Snug silicone for a better fit
  • 65-centimeter cable length on a blue braided cord


Noise reduction rating: 25 dB

Foxnovo 10 Pairs of Soft Silicone Corded Ear Plugs
Corded Silicone Ear Plugs


If you need covers to help protect yourself while you work, these Foxnovo earplugs may be a great choice for you. They are brightly colored instead of white or flesh colored that can be easily lost. They are great for helping to guard your hearing at work, drowning out the loud cries of a baby, or working with machinery.


These offer a much lower profile than an earmuff similar to the Howard Leight. You can check out our review of these headphones or take a look at the top earphones for construction.




  • 10 pairs of orange earplugs with a blue cord
  • 60-centimeter cord length
  • Made of silicone


Noise reduction rating: 25 dB


If you need an excellent pair of earplugs to help block out high volume noise at work, our review of the best earplugs for work should help you to make a decision you can be happy with.