25 Best Drill Bits Storage Ideas

  • By: Monica Shulz

Looking for the additional storage place in your basement or shop? Well, placing all your tools on the floor or in a side is not a good idea. You may lose your drill bits. Making racks and other storage items can be excellent for organizing your shop. These best drill storage ideas are excellent to provide you enough space in the workshop, garage or store. These are very easy to design and manufacture for the majority of the people. You can prepare these types of storage cabinets, racks and holders with the help of small wood work projects.

Drill Bit Storage Tray

All the drill bits are usually either setting loose or in the containers they came. Making a storage tray drawer insert for all the drill bits. It is great workshop organization project. The dividers are permanently fixed but the labels can be rearranged to accommodate new bits in the tray.

Making French Cleat Tool Holders

It is easy as well as cheap to set up French cleat tool holders. If a user wants to upgrade to a more chic tool storage framework French cleats, it is an array of powerful equipment in the case plywood cut with a bevel on a side. When a user attaches the strip to the wall, it offers an easy hung on.

Drill Bit Storage Tray

Tools that are used to make holes and remove material. To make a storage tray, these tools are used because these are available in shapes and sizes. Making storage tray, with the help of the drill bit is a wonderful storage idea. The storage tray can be fixed permanently in the cabinet to keep bits in it.

Screw Bit organizer

Organize your screws in this organizer, it will be easy for you to keep the screws in the organizer safe. This becomes handy for all the users. You can make the shape of your own choice, if you are going to design your own. It is easy make it in different sizes and shapes as per the requirement. The material, sizes, colors and designs are so attractive.

Organize your drill bits

It is highly simple and easy to design this storage rack for your drill bits tools. This storage rack is lightweight and portable. For the beginners it is very easy to build the wooden storage organizer for drill bits and it is designed in the way that offers easy care.

Quick and Easy Drill bits

This storage is rack is very easy to design. It offers a wonderful solution for organizing your drill bits. This is great for you because all the bits can be placed in the organized way. These become handy and you will be at ease to get these items at once.

Simple drill bit storage

This is a wonderful workshop organizer project to place all the drill bits. Its grid design is good for easy assembly. For offering easy portability, the light wood sheet is used in its manufacturing. This sleek organizer is loose and able to fit to the space perfectly. It is lightweight and compact.

How to make a Drill Bit Rack?

This workshop storage project is good to organize your workshop tools. It will make your workshop tools easy to access. This is able to fit to any place where space is premium. The organizer project is very easy to design for you. This is great for the majority of the people who are working in the workshop.

Cutting board drill bit holder for less than $10!

So, amazing it is that you can get a drill bit holder in low price. This holder is very easy to design and you can complete this project without any hassle at your pace. It is simple to design and offers enough storage and handy access to your tools.

Magnetic Drill bit storage rack

This unit is great for offering a large storage space and handy approach to all the tools. The magnet holds the items that offer a user to increase the storage space. This will be a heavy duty item that offers overhead storage with the capacity to hold heavy items and all lightweight items. This is great for you.

Homemade drill bit organizer

Drill bit organizers are highly important for workshop users. So, the drill bit organizers are very easy to projects to make. These are available in wide variety of styles and types. You will find innovation here that is highly traditional and cultural in order to design a drill bit organizer

French Cleat Tool Wall | Drill Bit Organizer

This drill bit organizer is ideal for offering adjustable rack. It is easy to set up on the wall and save the space for other items on the ground or cabinet. For offering easy and big storage, this item is ideal for offering more space. This will allow de-clutter your garage.

Making a drill bits holder-Shop organization Vlog

It is a collection of small woodwork projects. These are given step by step with easy details. It is very simple to follow for the users to develop easily and quickly. With the clear details and comprehensive packages it helps the users to complete their projects step by step gradually.

How to make a unique Drill index?

It is simple to make a drill index by your own. In these designs, users are guided with the help of the list of the material that is required for your project and simple blueprints. It is easily understandable for the beginners. Users get the design and these are complete woodworking guide, details how to start to make a unique drill index

Wicked Fast Router & Dremel Bit Storage Trays Using Dadoes Instead of Holes

To offer a handy storage and wonderful security from getting misplaced this bit storage rack is ideal for the majority of the people. It is especially for those who are fond of creation and creativity is their passion.  The idea behind designing this online wood dermal bit storage tray is to offer high-quality and safe holes at reduced cost for the modern users.

Come organizzare in un solo cassetto punte e bit

The storage rack is lose and able to fit any place where you want. To make your workshop organized and to get easy access to all your tools, this storage rack is ideal for the workshop users. This is the right way to keep your items secured for the long time with a broad storage.

DIY KISS Style Drill Bit Organizer

It is intended with the grid design for more adjustability because it is able to design at your pace. Due to the simple installation of the wood supports and concrete ceiling. For offering good storage and handy access to all the tools, it is an ideal item for your use.

DIY: Driver Bit Organizer

This DIY project is ideal for the majority of the workshop users. It helps reclaiming garage space. This organizer offers enough storage space that is highly modifiable and provides security to all your products. Keep all your products safe and secure in this driver bit organizer because it is user’s friendly and easy to manufacture.

Fitting bits into tool chest (router, flat and forester bit holders)

For a small shop, it offers an excellent storage idea. It includes flat bits, router bits and forester bits and a variety of blades for piercing saws, coping, saws and hacks. This is the best storage idea that provides handy approach to the users.

DIY: Drill Bit Storage Rack – Magnetic

Save all your products and items in this DIY drill bit storage rack. It contains magnet, in this way, there will be no chance to lose any item. This is storage rack is easy and simple way to keep all driver and drill bits that you keep on the tables or other boxes and these are scattered on the shop.

Custom Drill Bit Storage. Under-Cabinet storage. | GREAT SHOP PROJECT!

This is an ideal storage item that can keep several of your drill bits. This is great that can you place under any of the cabinets. It is lightweight and ideal for holding several bits in it. Yes, in your small shop, you can keep it easily.

Workshop: Drill Bits Storage made of reclaimed wood // DIY // Woodworking

Screwdrivers and drill bits organization is essential for workshops. You can make this DIY bit storage of your own choice. For offering enough storage space and great security to all your stuff, this is an ideal item. For the majority of the people, it is simple to design at you pace.

Drill Bit Organizer pallet wood project

This drill bit holder alternates of wood color resulting from the glued laminated wood. So, make a use of the wasted space in the garage. It is designed with a capacity to hold the products of about 600 pounds. The storage rack is durable and a heavy duty item. This is very easy to install.

Making an Oak Drill Bit Cabinet Part 1

Get idea to make an oak drill bit cabinet. This plan is simple to follow. You will love to design and manufacture this cabinet in your garage or workshop to increase the space. For offering more than enough storage area and easy access to your tools, this is a dynamic item.

A Drill Bit Storage Cabinet to Keep You Organized

This wooden storage cabinet for drill bits is a design that offers maximum security and storage mechanism. You will get all your tools and rill item under your hand when you are in great need. Save space in your shop or garage, by using this organizer. It is easy to make.

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