Alen Breathesmart FIT50 Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

When winter was around the corner, I found it difficult keeping my house warm and getting rid of the cold.

Apart from sealing up all vents and cool temperature, I had a big problem with indoor air pollution.

This concrobium mold removal review helped me with the mold but I still had a problem with contamination.

We mainly consider air contamination as an open-air issue, however, our indoor air can also become contaminated.

Indoor air contamination can originate from a wide range of sources including building materials, tobacco items, coal, gas, oil, wood, sofas, rugs, cleaning items amongst others.

In this review, you will learn:

  1. How the Alen Breathesmart FIT50 can save you from various ailments
  2. How you can quickly adjust the filter to avoid any issue
  3. How you can make good use of the automatic filter choices available to this device

Alen Breathesmart FIT50 Product

How You Can Enhance Atmospheric Quality with Alen Breathesmart FIT50

In case you’re searching for a basic method to enhance your indoor air quality, you can consider the use of indoor flowers and plants.

Another simple method to expel pollutants from the air is to utilize an air purifier.

I’ve made use of a few air purifiers over the decades and I haven’t really been impressed with any, not until recently.

That’s very true!!!

Recently, I decided to make use of a new air purifier recommended by a friend, the Breathesmart FIT50 manufactured by the Alen Corporation.

At first, I was shocked at the sheer size of the package.

It measured W16.75″ x H22.25″ x D10″, yet once I unpacked it from its package, its smooth look impressed me.

The Alen Breathesmart FIT50 was just introduced around late spring and I was entirely won over with its awesome properties.

As a result of its need to be used 24/7, this air purifier was intended to be simple and instinctive.

When toggled to Automatic, the Alen Breathesmart FIT50 modifies fan speed naturally when it identifies variations in air quality as a result of the movement, entryways opening, or the Air condition turning on.

Dependable filters (1-year shelf life) are a breeze to change with a straightforward 3-step procedure.

What’s more!!!

It has a helpful Auto-Restart button that keeps your purifier working even after a power blackout.

Furthermore, it’s the most silent Alen air purifier ever manufactured.

It can cover a room as big as 800 sq. ft. at maximum.

It has 4 different fan speeds and a timer that can be adjusted

There is a filter change pointer light. You don’t need to remember each time you need to replace the filter.

It boasts a HEPA channel that traps tidy, allergens and different poisons

Aren’t you impressed?

This air purifier has two highlights that make it truly different from other purifiers in the market.

One of my best highlights is the capacity to change the color of the anterior panel as there are various colors to select.


  • This unit has everything and is one of our most exceptionally evaluated and purchased items.
  • Its excellent technology, auto mode, and particle sensor are just a few of the reasons this device is exceptional.

Another device whose technology and functionality wows users is the GermGuardian AC5250PT 3 in1 air purifier.

  • It has one of the most minimal volume profiles of any unit I have used.
  • The high volume wind stream and low noise make it simple to keep running in a home without any interruption.
  • Every unit is intended for rooms of about 900 square feet
  • The Alen’s HEPA-Pure Filter accompanies it. This feature is also in the GermGuardian AC4825.
  • The yellow, blue, and red air quality light signal to you that it’s functioning.
  • Its automatic operation ensures easy use of the air purifier.
  • Its filter change pointer light ensures you don’t need to remember each time you need to replace the filter. This feature helps save money too.
  • It boasts a discretionary Child-Friendly control board bolt
  • It has a lifetime warranty


  • The light colors of the air quality light are depicted as being Red, Yellow, and Blue.

Pictures on the Alen website demonstrate an unmistakable and obvious contrast in color.

The unit is somewhat more like Red, Orange, Blue. This made it somewhat difficult to guess which air quality level the unit was recognizing.

In any case, this did not decrease the purifiers performance in any capacity.

The unit can’t keep functioning without the anterior panel, and it can’t keep functioning without a channel within it.

Every so often, if the filter or the entryway board isn’t properly fixed, the unit won’t sense it and won’t turn on.

A prompt filter adjustment will resolve this issue, yet it isn’t instantly evident to new users.


  • The cost of this air purifier is quite high and its function is limited to mold alone. There are various other purifiers that can be purchased at less than $100.
  • This air purifier is not as effective as the GermGuardian AC4900CA for getting rid of the charcoal smell and droppings from pets.
  • Luckily, these are to a great degree minor criticisms as the feedback on this device has largely been overwhelmingly positive.

Let’s see what some customers have said about the Breathesmart FIT50

Its filter is breath-taking. I bought this model to replace my old purifier. The previous purifier was of a different maker. It had served me for many years.

Within 15 minutes of using the FIT50, there was a perceptible difference in the quality of air around. The unit is quite noiseless. The sound can only be noticed when you change the speed. I do see the sound when the fan changes speed.
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This appeared to be costly, however, was definitely justified despite the cash spent. Each time, I visited my home in the woods, I was always having headaches as a result of my allergy to mold. With time, I noticed the source of mold. There was a musty smell emanating from our cabin during the rainy season. I purchased this filter to get rid of the dust and mold. Since I started using it, I have never had any strange headaches.
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I live in a basement loft with a pooch. Once the winter began, my coughing started. I coughed for about three months in a row. I am medically fit and never had this issue. In the wake of doing research on issues with living in a basement, I bumped across this Purifier. After using it for about two days, I felt a noticeable difference. The atmosphere felt cleaner and lighter. Within seven days, My coughing stopped and I’m feeling much better.
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As earlier stated, the Alen Breathesmart FIT50 air purifier is extraordinary compared to other air purifiers available.
The unit includes a few innovation changes over a previous model, the Alen Breathesmart, and beats other air purifiers with respect to efficiency, smart technology, execution, warranty, and convenience.

Upgradeable filter choices and in addition different panel designs assist the unit with an assortment of concerns and stylistic themes.

When purchasing filter in mass, the cost of purchasing the Alen Breathesmart FIT50 is really lower than numerous less expensive air purifiers.

This makes the Alen FIT50 difficult to ignore!