3M Peltor X5A Product Review

  • By: Monica Shulz

Nearly one-fifth of all Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss.

While some of it could be caused by congenital conditions or genetics, many people experience hearing loss that is completely preventable.

Protecting your hearing has never been easier, and yet very few people take the time to educate themselves on the serious consequences.

3m peltor headphones

Can You Imagine Living In a World Where You Can’t Hear a Single Sound?

If this doesn’t sound like an appealing future to you, it’s imperative that you take the first steps toward preventing hearing loss today. This is particularly important for individuals who spend a lot of time around loud noises, such as those at a shooting range or in an industrial work setting. Even if you spend your evenings in a hobby woodworking shop, you may still need some type of hearing protection.

We can help you to figure out the right pair of noise-canceling headphones available on today’s market. Be sure to check our detailed listing of the best earmuffs for hearing protection in construction here!

We’re going to take a much deeper look at the 3M Peltor X5A review to see whether these X-series headphones can compare to other leading brands. Are they worth the investment and can you trust them with your hearing?

These high-level X5A headphones offer the most comprehensive coverage available from 3M. These are a super noise canceling option to reduce even the loudest sounds back into a tolerable range.

These are not electronic earmuffs that are Bluetooth compatible, but they do offer excellent protection at a reasonable price. You’ll get them close to wholesale price through sites like Amazon, though you may expect to pay more at local home improvement stores like Home Depot.

When compared to the other products in the X-series, these are by far the most neutral option. Each level of sound protection in this set has a different color to set it apart at a quick glance. Their highest level of protection, found here in our 3M Peltor X5A review, is a solid black.

It should also be noted that this model has extremely large ear cups, particularly when compared to the X4A. These will not have low profile ear cups that are compatible with personal protective equipment like hard hats.

If you need something with a lower profile, you can check out our review the 3M Peltor X4A headphones here. This model will be compatible with personal protective equipment like hard hats.

Can These Earmuffs be Used For Common Noise?

One of the first questions you need to consider about any ear protector is what it should be used for. The 3M X5A isn’t exactly well-suited to common sounds, though you can certainly use them for it.

These are designed to filter out and dampen large sounds considerably. As a result, common noise may sound completely silent when you have on this head muff.

The best way to measure how effective a pair of earmuff can be is to take a look at their noise reduction rating or NRR.

When you compare the NRR of these headphones to others, they have a 31 dB noise reduction.

Decibel levels (or dB levels) help to indicate how loud something truly is. Any kind of acoustic sound has a decibel rating to measure just how loud something really is.

For example, you will see 31 show the sound of rustling leaves on some decibel rating charts.

It’s very difficult to find a pair of headphones that will have an NRR of 37 dB, 86 dB, or any higher number.

However, they can bring some of these louder sounds down to a more tolerable range.

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A great example is a sound of a jet takeoff (140 dB) which may sound significantly more tolerable at 110 dB (comparable to the sound of a chainsaw running).

The NRR 30 rating of these X5A earmuffs is excellent, even when compared to some of the other leading name brands. You won’t often find headphones with anything much higher like a 50 NRR rating. Among our ranking of the best construction ear protection, we did find some with slightly higher noise reduction ratings.

Check out What Customers have said about the X5A

Excellent quality of headphones! I needed some ear protection for cutting the grass and what a difference these made! A lot more comfortable than my old ones from Home Depot and they feel solid, of good quality. If I feel like listening to music, I put earbuds in underneath them and they still seal well.
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3M Peltor x5a Review After purchasing throughout the years a few different types of protection earmuffs, I can confidently say these are the best ones I’ve ever had! With a great fit and ability to adjust sound, these are highly recommended by me!
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Perform like they say they will! I’ve used both the Ultimate 10 and Optime 105 earmuffs and been really pleased with them. I was really excited to see the x5a come out and knew I had to try them out. Excellent design and you can tell they used top-of-the-line materials when compared to the other 2 models. Also a noticeable improvement in protection!
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Will They Fit Any Head Size?

Some people wonder whether the ear protector and headband cover will fit either over the head or behind the head of the average person. You want them to be completely comfortable, especially if you will be wearing them on a more regular basis.

Fortunately, the 3M Peltor X5A does have a very comfortable fit that is ideal for even large heads.

The twin headbands are fairly flexible to give you a greater degree of movement in and around your head. This design also keeps your head from overheating by allowing for more airflow in and around your scalp.

It should also be noted that the headband cover is electrically insulated to help protect you in the workplace. The dielectric headband is an excellent safety feature that not all forms of ear protector will have. Particularly if you work in an industrial setting, you will want to highly consider this feature.

Protecting your hearing has never been easier with these simple earmuffs.

They block out an extreme amount of sound to help protect and shield your hearing well into the future. For just a few dollars, it doesn’t make sense to wear anything else.

If You’ve Been Impressed by Our 3M Peltor X5A Review, It’s Time For You to Purchase Your Own Pair Today!